Many people believe PR is just about getting clients on TV, calling up reporters in the media, or trying to place a story in the newspaper. At OCG+, we understand that thinking, but there is – or, at least, there should be – a greater purpose.

In our opinion, the strategic and overarching goal of public relations is to create change.

That’s what brings us to our name: OCG+ which stands for “open channels group.”

When we execute a strategic public relations campaign, we live up to our name and open the channels of marketing and communication to reach a multicultural and multilingual audience. Everyone deserves to hear your message, which is why when we tell a story, express an idea, or issue a call-to-action, we think about creating change among all audiences.

Educate, influence, inform.

That’s what OCG+ does best. We create the kind of change that helps our clients meet their goals and reach their audience. We understand that it takes effective communication – credible and understandable – delivered to the right audience in the right place at the right time. And we do that by seeing everyone you want to reach with a diverse lens – every person, every walk of life, every position, every culture.

At OCG+, our strident belief is that if you’re hiring a public relations agency to check a box, we may not be your best option. But if you’re ready to grow your business by creating change and reaching all people, give us a call. That’s what we do.


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