For more than a decade, the team of marketing and communications professionals at OCG+ has dedicated itself to creating more than headlines, messaging, and a book of results. We are dedicated to making change. As our purpose statement reads:

We do work that moves people to action resulting in changing people’s lives in the communities we serve.

Our purpose says it all because only action creates change. In public relations, we write words to tell a story, but to go one step further, that story needs to create change, mold perceptions, and position a cause.

By working to educate the public through cause marketing, public relations, or even writing an editorial, our goal is that our clients’ causes are conveyed so strongly in the media and among the community, that audiences will have no other choice but to act and help the world around them.


OCG+ is motivated by our four core values, which are:

  • Have an Ownership Mentality – The team of OCG+ does everything for our clients as if we each have ownership in the company itself. If something needs to be done, it gets done. We are empowered and expected to make decisions and take action to benefit our clients and team.
  • Take Pride in our Work – We are determined to do our best at all times. The team of OCG+ has a sense of urgency but maintains perspective on how to get results the first time. Taking pride in our work doesn’t mean forget to have fun doing it. As we collaborate, we grow together – and grow our client in the process.
  • Value Partnerships – Ever heard “There is no I in team?” Of course you have. The word that does have an ‘I’ is “family.” From our preferred vendors to our trusted clients, working with the media or even among ourselves, we work together like a family. Working together propels our work, strengthens our vision, and brings results that all of us can appreciate and enjoy.
  • Keep our Promises – It is essential for our co-workers and clients to know they can count on us. We are habitual about accountability and responsibility. One of our main differentiators at OCG+ is keeping our promises and never backing down from a challenge to create results.