As the communications sector rapidly evolves, strategic communicators and marketers must evolve at the same pace. Certainly, most agencies understand the importance of targeting multicultural markets. But are they able to effectively target(read more)

Managing the Logistics of Transportation Projects

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The logistics of large-scale transportation projects are formidable. From design, to engineering to construction, the sheer number of variables that have to be accounted for are enormous. Very often, meeting these challenges becomes a day-t(read more)
Need to connect with African-American Social Influencers? Here are a few tips to get the conversation started! Today, connecting with other individuals online is as easy as opening an app on your phone and starting a conversation. But d(read more)

Building Connections that Last

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If you want to grow business, get to know your customer. Make the decision to get personal and get connected. If you think you know your customer, ask yourself: do you really?  When is the last time you had a real conversation? No doubt, y(read more)

Diversity Matters

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Diversity matters – just ask Verizon, HP and General Mills. These three global brands recently informed their respective creative agencies that not only does diversity matter, but future contracts would be tied to having diverse teams wor(read more)

Best Practices in Transportation

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It’s no secret that as Americans, we live in a fast-paced environment – conflicting and hectic schedules, stressful jobs and lack of time consume our lives. It also doesn’t help to drive into rush hour traffic, as it adds onto our (read more)

3 References to Help You Stay Current

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Here’s the problem: How do we keep up to date our printed references to cultures and lifestyle choices? Employing fresh terminology in the digital age can sometimes feel impossible. A video found on CNN offers tongue-in-cheek insigh(read more)

A Look at OCG PR’s First Quarter Success

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The first quarter is over and OCG is moving faster than ever! In the last three months, we've worked on integrated marketing campaigns, planned and purchased media, produced television spots, designed billboards, landed media coverage, and(read more)
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Peace of Mind and Your Media Plan

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The end of the first quarter is almost upon us. In a couple of weeks, marketers everywhere will answer questions about revenue goals, frequency and reach. A media plan review and a discussion of staying the course or changing direction will(read more)

Three Tips on Marketing Beyond Heritage Months

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How often do you tell your wife you love her? When do you tell your employees you appreciate their value? If you reserved these types of activities for once every 12 months, you might be divorced, and you probably have a high employee turno(read more)
Learn how to increase sales and expand your audience groups on Friday, Jan. 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (CT) during our first webinar of the year with chief strategy officer Raquel Daniels. This free webinar, Why and How to Win Multicul(read more)

Multicultural Marketing Trends for 2016

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What is Multicultural Marketing? Multicultural marketing means building relationships with diverse audience groups to improve sales and increase engagement. Changes in our country’s demographics and spending power means designing targ(read more)

The 4-1-1: Hootsuite’s Instagram Integration

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In case you missed all the hype, Hootsuite (one of the more popular social media management and tracking tools) has finally integrated with the photo-sharing social networking site, Instagram. Prior to this move, if a brand or social med(read more)

A Look at MTV’s 2015 VMA Green Screen Bait

By Daniel Turk | August 27, 2015 | add comment
When it was announced that the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards were approaching, being the CR8+!V3 conceptor that I am, I naturally looked at the graphics to see what this year’s theme was. MTV is known for pushing their creativity to new (read more)

How To: Create A GIF from Scratch

By Daniel Turk | August 4, 2015 | add comment
Ah, GIFs. We all have our favorites. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture can convey a whole slew of emotions. Can you imagine what's on this little guy's mind? But let’s say you want to create a GIF from scratc(read more)

2015 Summer Reading List: OCG PR Edition

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Summertime welcomes relaxation, vacation and sunny days. For some of us that means getting some much needed reading accomplished during travel and pool days. Sharpening your mind while you have some downtime is productive, and we at OCG PR (read more)
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    My book list just got longer! Very interesting and diverse. :)

Here at OCG PR, we know that multicultural consumers are important. But a recent Nielsen report  gives us even more insight into exactly why multicultural consumers should be the “cornerstone” of any successful marketing campaign or st(read more)

By The Numbers: PR Measurement

By OCGPR Staff | March 19, 2015 | add comment
If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a PR campaign is a wild success, but isn’t captured with tangible measurement, was it really a success? A consistent challenge for PR practitio(read more)

Miracles Mired in Construction

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Like many people in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, a daily challenge is slogging my way to work through congested ‘work-zone’ filled roads.  It’s not surprising that many folks don’t believe we are at critical mass in transportat(read more)

From Likes to Love: A Social Guide to Pairing

By OCGPR Staff | February 12, 2015 | add comment
As someone who met a high school boyfriend on MySpace (don’t judge me), I’d say I’m an expert on finding love via online technology. But chances are, if you’re around my age, you probably have a similar story. According to Pew, 22% (read more)
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