Building Connections that Last

By OCGPR Staff | October 17, 2016

If you want to grow business, get to know your customer. Make the decision to get personal and get connected. If you think you know your customer, ask yourself: do you really?  When is the last time you had a real conversation? No doubt, you’ve pushed information their way, but have you stopped to understand what’s on their minds and what their priorities are?  Do you have a sense of how they are reacting to the information you’re providing them? Are they even paying attention to it?

If you are scratching your head because you have not considered these questions or cannot remember the last time you had an in-depth conversation with your customers, it’s time to get reconnected and get personal. From my point of view, I believe getting personal is the only way to design marketing campaigns and solutions that are both revenue-generating for your company and of value to the customer. The lack of an emotional connection often stands in the way of building a meaningful bond between the brand and customer. Obviously, a transactional connection is also needed; it’s the spark that prompts a purchase, but it does not and cannot power continuous opportunities for the customer to engage the brand. An emotional connection provides that power, cementing your brand into the mind of the consumer.  It’s that emotional power that keeps the consumer coming back and seeking your product or service time and time again.

Making an emotional connection, thereby connecting your product to the hearts and minds of your target audience is what stimulates consumer spending, increases sales and grows your market share.  Forming an emotional connection never happens overnight, but through a few well thought out steps, you can begin to lay the foundation.

Step 1: Balance your focus.  Focus outward as much as you focus inward. Focus on what makes your brand special to your customer. How does your product or service show up in the way the customer “does life?” If your brand does not show up in your consumer’s life, this means you’re not yet plugged into their hearts and minds.

Step 2:  Form a mutually beneficial relationship.  Seek to be a conscious participant and observer in the lives of your target audience. Don’t just show up when it is beneficial and convenient for you; show up when it only benefits the customer. Brands and customers exist in an ecosystem; one can’t survive without the other. It is important to be immersed in your audience’s lives, as opposed to trying to get by with a shallow relationship and a passing understanding.

Step 3: Remember that products and services are about people.  Don’t forget to highlight the people – all people. The way we tap into the hearts and minds of consumers is by valuing all consumers and customizing each experience.

Over time and with good execution, including these steps in your process to engage and retain customers should lead to an increase in both revenue and customers.

Raquel Daniels


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