Learn How to Win Multicultural Marketing in 2016

By OCGPR Staff | January 20, 2016

Learn how to increase sales and expand your audience groups on Friday, Jan. 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (CT) during our first webinar of the year with chief strategy officer Raquel Daniels.IMG_1723

This free webinar, Why and How to Win Multicultural Marketing in 2016, will guide you through the insights you need to devise an authentic and sustainable marketing strategy for your multicultural consumers.

In our last blog post, we shared the top trends to watch and incorporate in your 2016 strategy for success with multicultural audiences. OCG PR’s, Raquel Daniels will talk through those trends and insights and more to help shape your 2016 multicultural communications plans and increase sales.

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OCG PR offers expertise in diverse multicultural segments, including African American, Hispanic and Asian communities as well as women, youth and LGBT populations.

As multicultural strategists, our obsession with cultural influences on communities – local to global – is what sets us apart in delivering results and is the backbone of our ability to start your conversations.

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