Peace of Mind and Your Media Plan

By OCGPR Staff | March 14, 2016

The end of the first quarter is almost upon us. In a couple of weeks, marketers everywhere will answer questions about revenue goals, frequency and reach. A media plan review and a discussion of staying the course or changing direction will inevitably follow. These conversations can be rooted in fear rather than facts. No matter the results of your efforts, getting a second opinion on your strategy for 2016 will help you determine your best path forward.

OCG can evaluate your plan’s effectiveness in five areas:

1. Client goals – Do you want to increase revenue, or awareness?

2. Target audience – Is your current plan targeting the right people at the right time?

3. Channels and platforms – Are you getting the frequency and reach you need with your current buy? Should you be buying fewer television spots and running more social media ads? What about outdoor?

4. Timing and relevancy – Is your message hitting the right people at the right time?

5. Budget – Are you getting the best value and quality for your budget?


Our review is complimentary and there are no strings attached. We will give you the insight you need to make the right decisions to meet your goals, and the talking points necessary to make your second quarter review meeting more insightful.

OCG PR offers expertise in diverse multicultural segments, including African American, Hispanic and Asian communities as well as women, youth and LGBT populations.

As multicultural strategists, our obsession with cultural influences on communities – local to global – is what sets us apart in delivering results and is the backbone of our ability to start your conversations.

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