Three Tips on Marketing Beyond Heritage Months

By OCGPR Staff | February 24, 2016

How often do you tell your wife you love her? When do you tell your employees you appreciate their value? If you reserved these types of activities for once every 12 months, you might be divorced, and you probably have a high employee turnover rate. Building relationships with your customer base is no different. Black history month is a time when many brands celebrate their efforts to communicate with the African American consumer, but long-term customization and personalization is the key to success. According to Nielsen, 92% of all population growth between 2000 – 2010 came from Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. Companies that don’t craft specific messages for these fastest growing groups are missing out.

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Consider these three insights on the value of strategically marketing to targeted ethnic groups.


1. Recognize that heritage months are important to individual communities, but also know there are many other passion points of the community and seek to understand these forces.

Understanding this tenant will allow you to bring your products and services to life in a culturally relevant manner. Your connection will be ignited by bringing the brand to life in every day moments, and will yield far greater long-term results than output garnered by the once a year touch-point associated with heritage months. For example, McDonald’s multicultural marketing department oversees 365Black, which includes a dedicated website and Twitter account.


2. The definitions of multicultural and diversity are evolving.

This evolving definition is informing and replacing traditional ethnic marketing and advertising ideas, and is shifting the way we develop relationships and manage communication strategies. For example, many Hispanics live in two cultural worlds – speaking Spanish at home, and getting information in Spanish, but actually making purchases in English. Forward thinking and effective plans harness the traditional cultural intricacies and nuances. Take a look at how MAC cosmetics responded to customer requests to develop a lipstick in honor of the 20 anniversary of the death of Latin pop singer Selena Quintanilla.


3. Multicultural populations are key to sustainability.

Organizations and corporations can’t wait to forge meaningful relationships with diverse audiences. Populations are growing and younger audience groups will serve as a stream of revenue for years to come. Don’t delay in developing relationships and getting on the radar among the audience.


Where to Begin?


OCG developed the gauge above to represent the general attitudes a consumer may have for a particular brand.

When determining where to begin with your multicultural efforts, start by reviewing the lifetime value of a customer, and then segment your audiences and research their interests. Also, review our SlideShare presentation on multicultural marketing. You will find more helpful facts and case studies which will help you develop a plan and increase sales.

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