Multicultural Marketing Trends for 2016

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What is Multicultural Marketing? Multicultural marketing means building relationships with diverse audience groups to improve sales and increase engagement. Changes in our country’s demographics and spending power means designing targeted campaigns for(read more)


The 4-1-1: Hootsuite’s Instagram Integration

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In case you missed all the hype, Hootsuite (one of the more popular social media management and tracking tools) has finally integrated with the photo-sharing social networking site, Instagram. Prior to this move, if a brand or social media professional ma(read more)


How To: Create A GIF from Scratch

By Daniel Turk | August 4, 2015 | add comment
Ah, GIFs. We all have our favorites. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture can convey a whole slew of emotions. Can you imagine what's on this little guy's mind? But let’s say you want to create a GIF from scratch using pictures y(read more)

Here at OCG PR, we know that multicultural consumers are important. But a recent Nielsen report  gives us even more insight into exactly why multicultural consumers should be the “cornerstone” of any successful marketing campaign or strategy. The rep(read more)


From Likes to Love: A Social Guide to Pairing

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As someone who met a high school boyfriend on MySpace (don’t judge me), I’d say I’m an expert on finding love via online technology. But chances are, if you’re around my age, you probably have a similar story. According to Pew, 22% of 25-34 year-olds(read more)


Brand Bowl XLIX: Who’s Your Pick?

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It’s the day after the Super Bowl, and while you probably wish today were a holiday from all the fun and excitement you experienced last night, you’re at work. A good guess is that all the talk around your office is about the ads! And we wouldn’t expec(read more)

  1. Jannibah Coleman says:

    I love this roundup! You guys definitely picked a few that I missed!

In one way or another, we all crowdsource. Some of us (me) will not even leave the house without getting our spouse’s opinion of how we look. And then there are those of us who just say “screw it” and decide to ask the darndest questions on Twitter: (read more)


Mind Your Social Media Manners!

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Spend most of your time online? I do. But I have an excuse, as I manage social media campaigns for clients here at OCG PR. Given that, I notice one too many social media missteps. It’s always helpful to brush up on etiquette, and remember that just because(read more)

  1. Vaguebooking is THE WORST! My other pet peeve is Facebragging! Yes, we know your life is perfect and you go to the gym every day and you cook every night and you can DIY anything… You don’t have to remind us every time you get on Facebook! Haha.


World Cup 2014 Takes Over Social Media

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Everyone says that soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world. If you've been on a social media website in the last two weeks, you probably believe them. how many more days of soccer tweets — Jessica Misener (@jessmisener) June 13, 2014 Face(read more)

Every day a new hashtag is born, and a new topic is trending. The month of May proved to be powerful, as hashtags with purpose (that I typically see only every once and a while) were appearing week after week on social media. Hashtags like #BringBackOurGirls(read more)

  1. Jannibah Coleman says:

    Love the post, Amoya! I definitely agree that it’s great to SEE the engagement surrounding a cause as a trending topic. Also, considering how many people get their news from social media (YouTube), it’s probably the only way a lot of people are made aware of these issues. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation around the idea that people feel like they’ve done their part once they share a picture with a slogan or retweet some message. So instead of feeling mobilized to go volunteer or make a donation, they are social media or “hashtag” activists. Obviously, this is a sign of the times. I’ll be interested to see if there’s a lasting paradigm shift (away from actually actively doing something), in which case nonprofits and causes are in trouble, or if we’ll all be off to the next trend soon.

    • Amoya Edwards says:

      Thanks, Jannibah! I totally agree. The hashtag activist believes that sharing is caring – which is true, but what’s really moving the needle? We’ll have to watch these movements and see what happens, or wait for the next to come around.

Visiting a cluttered website with no sense of direction can be quite the negative experience for website visitors. You can count on feelings of anxiety and disorganization to be sure to discourage returning visitors to your site for any information that it m(read more)


Teach Me How to Live Tweet!

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Think back to the last time you watched your favorite show. Did you at anytime during that show start writing a tweet as soon as you saw an intense scene, laugh at a hilarious quote or get upset with one of the characters? Well if you did, you’re one of th(read more)


#TweetingWithMittens: Clever or Fail?

By OCGPR Staff | February 3, 2014 | add comment
With a boring game on the field (sorry, Peyton!), millions of people went to Twitter to take part in a much closer competition, where big brands faced off to see who could replicate Oreo’s 2013 blackout tweet success and reign as social media #BrandBowl ch(read more)

  1. I have mixed feelings on this one. I think there were pro and con results, so maybe a net effect of nothing. ;)


Top Digital Moments of 2013

By Daniel Turk | December 31, 2013 | add comment
It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve heard your fair share of 2013 lists. Well, I’ve got one more for you. This year there was no shortage of surprises in the tech world. From social media apps and events to the coolest device releases, news of technology (read more)


Gifts for those with the Gift of Digital Gab

By OCGPR Staff | December 13, 2013 | add comment
Tis’ the season for gift giving! Office parties, family gatherings and more may have you scrambling for that perfect gift for someone in your life this year.  All of us have those tech savvy relatives, friends or coworkers that are easier to reach online (read more)

  1. Um, can I have all of these gifts please? Well, except the like, dislike stamps, I actually have those! My favorite is the pillows, I’m SO getting one!

    • Lindsey Sirowy says:

      I’m crushing over the jewels and the Social Book. I love a good memory book.

On October 31, men all over the world looked forward to waking up the next day to avoid their razor for the next 30 days. Since 2004, the month of November has invited men to grow a new look on their faces for a great cause: Movember. In case you’re unf(read more)

It’s no secret that running social media campaigns for a client can be challenging given the ever-changing ways of Facebook. You write a Facebook post that you think is digital gold, but only 181 out of 5,000 fans saw your post.  What gives? On the “(read more)


Favorite Things About iOS 7 (so far)

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Like any proper nerd, I was very excited about the iPhone iOS 7 update. However, it’s been a busy week, so I didn’t get around to updating my phone until about 6 p.m. yesterday. Since then, my phone has basically been glued to my hand as I’ve been disc(read more)

  1. Anthony_Spangler says:

    Very informative. Now I know what to look for when I download it.


Social Media Addiction

By Daniel Turk | May 2, 2013 | add comment
We all know the feeling of losing hours of our day to social media, whether it is the thrill of a tweet or being sucked into the endless vortex of Internet memes and cat videos. I’m even guilty of allowing myself a quick, late night Pinterest break, and(read more)


Is Pinterest the New Christmas List?

By Daniel Turk | December 11, 2012 | add comment
As an avid and possibly addicted pinner, the first thing I did after Thanksgiving was start compiling my Christmas list and gift ideas on Pinterest.  The visual bookmarking site seems to be the easiest place to organize everything I want and where to get i(read more)

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