Cause Marketing

What’s your cause?

More specifically, what’s the cause you want someone to embrace or adopt? Cause marketing is one of the practices we specialize in – taking a worthy cause and making it interesting, important and even cool to our clients’ audiences.

There’s a lot of good causes out there, which means there’s a lot of competition to get people’s limited amount of attention, time and money. An integrated, comprehensive communications campaign is critical – and it has to be relatable, relevant and resonant – delivered in the right place at the right time.

There’s a lot of agencies out there who can put together the elements of a cause marketing campaign – media relations, social media, guerilla marketing, event planning and more. We think what separates OCG PR from others is our passion for a good cause. It’s in our DNA as a company — our purpose is to educate, influence and inform in order to create change. We want to help create positive change for our partner clients.

Here’s a look at our cause marketing campaign for the Tarrant Regional Water District.