Multicultural Communications

In virtually any line of business today, if you’re not communicating your message in a way that resonates with diverse audiences, you’re losing. Gone are the days when you can place an ad buy on network TV and throw up some billboards and feel confident you’re going to reach the lion’s share of your target audience in a meaningful way.

People have hundreds of ways to get their information, news and entertainment now. And if you’re not talking to your audience where they are getting their information and in a way that relates to them, they’re most likely not going to hear what you have to say.

Consider that African American consumers will spend at least $1.1 trillion next year. Hispanics will spend $1.5 trillion. Asian Americans, more than $770 billion. And that’s only half the story. Each of these powerful consumer groups has ready access to media and digital resources that tailor information and entertainment to them. If you want to reach these audiences, that’s where you need to be communicating, and you’ve got to make it count when you get there.

But multicultural communications should not be viewed as a practice limited simply to ethnic or nationality affinity groups. There are so many unique facets of American society that merit and demand and deserve communications tailored to them: the LGBT community, millennials, and religious denominations, to name a few.

OCG PR specializes in multicultural communications. We work to understand your target audience – what they care about, what resonates and what gets their attention – and then we work to adapt our client’s message to create meaningful engagement.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our work for AT&T.