+Eberstein Witherite


Eberstein Witherite has created a substantial brand awareness for itself in its home base of Dallas/Fort Worth through traditional advertising and PPC online campaigns. With an expansion into a new market (Atlanta) and a need to create holistic brand equity across practices and markets, this growing personal injury law firm was searching for a partner that understood its need and its vision.


OCG+ was hired to create a galvanized brand for Eberstein Witherite, as well as a tagline of which the brand could shine – ‘Keep Life Running’. Through concentrated messaging interviews, focus groups and surveys, OCG+ was able to develop a visual appeal for its online properties, as well as a vocal one for all clients, team members and the media to communicate across all markets.


  • Created its first house of messages, including mission, vision, purpose, and proof points
  • Developed integrated social media handles for the brand to have one voice and one vision
  • Executed social media management and monitoring for its CRM and all organic outreach
  • Grew its overall social media presence via engagement and interaction by more than 1,200%
  • Established optimized content for all its social media handles that generated more than 42% engagement rate in the first month of practice
  • Leveraged SEO best practices and principles for its digital content creating proven keywords and a 17% increase in social media referrals