+Tarrant County College


Tarrant County College (TCC) is a trusted leader in North Texas that provides today’s non-traditional student a path to higher education and a strong career. TCC was encouraged to increase its go-to-market profile and help grow enrollment. Given OCG+’s experience with multicultural audiences and higher education, this made for a perfect team


Understanding the college had two primary audiences – the frustrated office worker looking for more and the unsatisfied older person who doesn’t have time to go to college but online could be a possibility – OCG+ created two marketing campaigns that used the same organic and paid platforms but spoke to different audiences.


  • With the help of our preferred partner, 1820 Productions, our team created a video that will be used across all media and reach all audiences with a positive message or growth and inspiration.
  • Secured numerous stories, including featured interviews on KERA-FM, KXAS-TV and Telemundo
  • Over a ten week period, we generated 253 leads on Facebook with a low cost-per-lead of $19.26 for students to receive more information on Tarrant County College.
  • Over a ten week period, Instagram drove 74 leads with a cost-per-lead of $34.24.
  • During a three and a half month period, we generated a paid search click-through rate of 5.56% and a low cost-per-click of $3.18. We also drove 300 leads to receive more information about TCC.
  • Over a ten week period, we’ve generated a low CPC of $2.14 through display advertising.
  • For Corporate Solutions/Workforce Development, we achieved a paid search CTR of 5.68% over a two month period.