+Corporate Social Impact

We create real change in a way that will have the biggest impact on marginalized communities.

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We connect you to the right partners.

+Media and Issue Management

We help you reach your audience and amplify your voice.

+Public Awareness Campaigns

We create campaigns that move people to action.

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+What Are People Saying?

“Tonya can meet with a CEO, a mayor, a Member of Congress and a community activist and find a way to help all of them at the same time. Her ability to unite public and private leaders in the service of marginalized communities is simply remarkable”

Lori George Billingsley, Chair of the CBCF Board of Directors and Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for The Coca-Cola Company

“We enjoyed teaming up with Tonya and the OCG team and appreciate their D&I expertise, as well as their personal passion for this project. OCG helped us outline a culturally relevant comms plan focused on informing the public, media and stakeholders about the Race & Reconciliation Initiative and Reconcile This! Podcast. Their strong community ties and media connections resulted in positive media coverage and raised awareness and visibility not only on our campus but in our local community as well.”

Tracy Syler-Jones, Vice Chancellor for Marketing

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