As the communications sector rapidly evolves, strategic communicators and marketers must evolve at the same pace. Certainly, most agencies understand the importance of targeting multicultural markets. But are they able to effectively target diverse markets if they lack diversity within their agencies?

More communicators must analyze how they are affecting the hearts and minds of consumers. For instance, does your Spanish translation of an advertisement resonate with the Spanish-speaking mom picking up her children from soccer practice? Does your case study lack imperative research that properly identifies a diverse group of people?

Millennials understand the importance of emotionally relating to the consumer in order to influence comportments. According to data from Deloitte, millennials are considered the generation of dreamers; 88 percent of young professionals tend to value a diverse, purposeful work environment more than financial success.

1. Millennials value culture

One in four millennials invest more time and money into travel experiences, rather than materialistic objects, according to Millennial Marketing. For the most part, they tend to be well-cultured. In fact, 45 percent of millennials agree that traveling is about getting connected to other cultures. In an attempt to immerse in the culture with hands-on experiences they can share with their networks, they are subconsciously positioning themselves as thought leaders in sympathizing with consumers of different backgrounds.

2. Millennials recognize trends

Millennials are digitally-native consumers who have been raised on dial-up, Wi-Fi and witnessed the evolution from the Nokia 1011 to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. Eighty-five percent of millennials access the Internet from their phones –  more than all other generations, according to data from Gallup. By constantly accessing their smartphones and utilizing the internet for research, they are the first demographic to be on top of trends, including the purchasing habits of multicultural audiences.

3. Millennials are constantly learning

Much like those searching for the “American Dream,” millennials are recognized as ambitious fast-learners and desire to quickly climb up the corporate ladder. With the ability to make a difference as the driving force in millennials’ work culture, young professionals are more likely to devote their time to developing professional skills. Consequently, they will garner insight in cultures and backgrounds they’re not acquainted with – creating a constant desire to be aware of different cultural trends.

As the fastest-growing demographic in the world, both millennial professionals and hiring agencies should prioritize their multicultural values and needs as they prepare to make crucial professional decisions. The key advantage to millennials’ upbringing is their keen eye for revitalizing the emotional connection from the brand to the average multicultural American.

Diversity is more than any one person’s gender, race or ethnicity. It’s splendidly representative of all people, all backgrounds and all perspectives. It is the entire human experience. In order to be a part of something great, to make a difference and impact behaviors, our work experience must be comprised of a diverse group of people, including younger professionals.

Daniela Otero
Account Executive, OCG | PR