These days we find ourselves in a tumultuous sociopolitical landscape, and as DEI practitioners, we often take on the responsibility of convincing people that we can still achieve positive change. When it may seem we’re getting further away from the society we want to create– one of unity, inclusion, and belonging –our work reminds people that the change we seek is still within reach if we each do what we can.

While our business goal for us is to see companies transform. A side effect of that and, in my opinion, one of the best parts of my job is getting to watch people transform. A few weeks ago, I had an experience that proved our work not only yields results for our clients but inspires them to take their own steps forward.

OCG+ has been supporting a client in the healthcare industry with their DEI journey: from company-wide assessments to internal programming. Our approach to DEI includes an evaluation of the client’s communications efforts both internally and externally, including traditional and social media. Through our evaluation, we identified an opportunity to diversify their pipeline by producing content that authentically speaks to audiences of all backgrounds. We decided to develop and implement a monthly cultural awareness social media campaign for the client that would address different cultural celebrations and DEI topics.

As the social and digital coordinator on this project, I had the pleasure of supporting the client’s internal digital manager. Despite initial apprehension about discussing DEI-related topics, the digital manager consistently showed up with a curiosity and willingness to learn that helped move things forward. After just a few months of partnership, the digital manager was creating her own DEI-informed content in addition to the campaigns we developed.

Her initiative indicated that she was growing more confident with DEI, and that confidence translated to a new practice that will help the client reach their DEI and overall business goals. At OCG+, we believe that small steps like these are what ultimately lead to significant change. Our unique approach to DEI means guiding our clients through a journey of evolution that leads to transformational growth. It’s not just about achieving business goals; it’s about watching people transform and inspiring them to take their own steps forward. Seeing our clients grow in confidence and take initiative in their DEI efforts is what motivates us to continue our work.

Let’s do more good. To get more results. To have more impact.

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