Let’s face it. In today’s America, there are multiple languages being spoken in every city. We are a true melting pot encompassed of many different cultures and ethnicities, with some speaking the same language – yet different dialects.

As a multicultural and integrated communications agency, OCG+ sees the value in these cultures and what they represent in our communities as we strive to inform, educate and influence our audiences. When we create a strategic and integrated marketing and communications campaign, we take all factors into consideration – as every agency should. “OCGers” go above and beyond to make sure every approach and every tactic will coincide and relate to the target markets we are striving to reach.

So, how does OCG+ add more and go above and beyond to reach diverse audiences? It’s simple. We don’t simply translate, we transcreate.

By definition, transcreation is “the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context.” Every ad, every social post, every statistic, every report – regardless of the original language – we make sure it’s integrated into one concise message. However, it’s more than just translating content. We all have access to this thing called the Internet and can easily head to translate.google.com and voilà, you just learned a new word! But it’s much more complex than that.

Our transcreation specialist will consider the motives and the desired outcome of the original copy, then set about achieving that for a new audience. Imagery, headlines, branding, voice overs, body copy, taglines and more can all be changed in order to ensure that the readers feel the same way as a result of the asset, regardless of their linguistic and cultural background.

According to the United States Census Bureau, just in Tarrant County – where OCG+ headquarters is located – there’s an estimated Hispanic population of 27 percent and Asian population of 5 percent. That’s 32 percent of people from different cultures we are able to influence, only if and when our messages are speaking to them correctly.

Brands want people to take action, and transcreation helps ensure that message is heard and felt. By channeling the essential tones of the material such as cultural values, social cues, humor, and the appropriateness and/or tone of your target language and culture, it grants a better connection with the intended audience. This usually is done through a mix of content adaptation, custom-selected imagery, and direct translation; unlike these multinational brands.

At OCG+, we believe every agency and every client should know the value in transcreating effectively. That’s why we strive to understand our client’s vision first and foremost. Once the big picture is understood, both the marketing translation process and the transcreation process can be carried out in such a way as to bring the vision to life for new audiences.

We invite you to start a conversation with us and learn about our the diverse multicultural services we offer.

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Daniela Otero  |  Senior Account Executive  |  OCG+