While OCGers thrive in a fast-paced and nimble environment and want to see all clients succeed; there’s a special place in our hearts when working with cause-based marketing campaigns and non-profits as marketers.

Why? Because our work, which is our client’s work, creates the possibility for change.

We are raising awareness and educating others on an important issue in society, while also influencing behaviors. If we are able to communicate a vital message effectively to the public, and they’re able to positively receive our call-to-action; our client succeeds and so do we.

How does OCG+ achieve a successful cause-based integrated marketing campaign?

We’ll tell you our secret.

  1. Create an emotional connection.

For our team at OCG+, we know we’ve done our job when…

A child who learns about the Reverse Litter initiative at school through our community outreach efforts and thinks twice before throwing a piece of trash on the ground.

We hear about the woman driving down I-30, sees our creative on a billboard about a breast cancer awareness campaign and proceeds to call her doctor for a mammogram exam.

Or maybe it’s the professional sitting in his office stuck in a rut, stumbles upon a well placed Tarrant County College ad on LinkedIn and decides to advance his degree.

According to a PRWeek/Barkley Cause Survey, 3 out of 4 consumers would consider a brand they don’t normally buy if it supports a cause. Our strategic approach meets our target audience where they’re at. We listen to their needs and their interests. Once our respective audience takes the next step, relates to our client’s message and becomes an ambassador for the for-profit brand or the non-profit entity, our marketing team feels encouraged to keep strategizing, idealizing and elevating their cause.

  1. Believe in the cause

Our account management team becomes evangelists of the brand – even if it means we have to roll up our sleeves and volunteer at their event on a Saturday morning.

OCG+’s main focus when working with a cause marketing client, or any client for that matter, is to remain authentic. Organizations must be sincere about caring to support worthwhile causes related to their field, and they must be sincere when involving customers in charitable giving. We are transparent with the funds we’ve been able to raise, or realistic with the impact we’re doing in the community. In order to contribute to our client’s campaigns, we must believe in our work and take pride in it. At OCG+, caring to make a difference is part of our culture, our drive and our passion.

  1. Measure success, ROI

Although for-profit brands’ main goal is to measure success by driving sales or increasing leads, for most non-profit entities, it’s about raising awareness of their cause. With our client’s main goal always top of mind, we also define a measurable goal and a medium for conversion.  No matter what kind of cause program you ultimately choose, it is vital to discuss and formalize your client’s goal KPIs before you can begin a thorough planning and execution process.

We invite you to dive into our cause-marketing case studies and learn more about our client success. If you’re interested in partnering with us, let’s start a conversation.

Daniela Otero | Senior Account Executive