I was recently honored by the Fort Worth Business Press as one of the Great Women of Texas. It was a beautiful ceremony recognizing community and businesswomen leaders who all have achieved great accomplishments. I had an opportunity to ask a few of my fellow honorees, what made them great.

Here is what they said:

First and foremost, great is not perfect.

We all agreed our success didn’t come without failures or sacrifices.  We know that failure is not fatal. It is courage that keeps up going.  We learned just as much from our failures as we have from our successes.

Secondly, we must ask a simple question “what is the lesson you would have me learn today?”

How many times have you found yourself in a situation in which you have made a difficult decision that affected your personal or professional life?  Great women reflect on those decisions. We are always looking for life’s little lessons.

Lastly, we have a strong support group. 

Great Women of Texas know we can’t do it alone. We surround ourselves with other great women. We understand the importance of sister friends and we recognize the greatness in others.

I believe there is greatness in all of us.  Let your greatness shine.

Tonya Veasey | President and CEO